…there is little to say.
Much that was, still holds sway.
The one truth, albeit old,
that I’m still on the drawing board…


A  photographer, largely self-taught, excited always by the chance in photography of seeing magic in a split second, of making visible the beauty in things that may sometimes be too near to notice or recognise. And in allowing me to move out of myself, to connect with the world around me, photography allows me to enter a space of being the quiet witness, and be more mindful of what I see and make of it. Take a look at my world through my jharokha (window).

Published in National Geographic’s Your Shot, Urban & Human Empathy photo book Vol.01, Gulf News, and other UAE dailies.

Featured in Creative Image magazine, a Raghu Rai publication             

Exhibited at Gallery of Light in DUCTAC
The Gulf Photo Plus
‘Urban and Human Empathy’ in Poland, Hungary and Trieste, as part of a travelling photo exhibition
‘Street from the Heart’, an exhibition on street photography in Gurgaon, India

Conducted photography workshops for children in rural Chhattisgarh.


I am available for assignments.


CONTACT ME  You can reach me in a few ways. For buying prints, please mention the gallery name and image name/ no. below to receive a quote.

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